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Theft & White Collar Crimes


Theft is the criminal act of taking another person’s property without consent. In the state of California, the following crimes may be classified as “theft”: embezzlement, credit card theft, robbery, burglary, shoplifting, identity theft, and fraud.

Petty theft is the criminal act of taking another person’s property without consent. Petty theft is considered the stealing of any property with a value of under $400. In most cases, petty theft is a misdemeanor offense, which can result in less than a year in jail, monetary fines, and probation.

Grand theft is the criminal act of taking another person’s property without consent. Grand theft is the stealing of any property with a value of $400 or greater. When a person is charged with grand theft, it may be classified as either a misdemeanor or felony. Usually, if the theft crime involves a weapon, it will be categorized as a felony. If convicted, the person may have to spend more than a year in jail, pay monetary fines, and be placed on probation.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are criminal acts, usually involving theft, that take place in a business or corporate setting. Common white collar crimes include: money laundering, embezzlement, fraud, pyramid schemes, tax evasion, conspiracy, and RICO offenses.

Embezzlement, or theft from an employer, is the most common white collar charge in state court, whereas wire fraud or mail fraud is often charged in federal court.

Embezzlement, fraud or other white collar cases carry heavy penalties. If you are suspected of one of these offenses, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense lawyer can help you protect your rights and your reputation.

If you have been charged with theft, embezzlement, fraud, or other white collar crime in Orange County, call the Law Offices of Staycie R. Sena today at (949) 477-8088 to discuss your legal options. At the Law Offices of Staycie R. Sena, we have aggressively fought these charges and had many cases dismissed.

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